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Universal Concentrate

779,00 RSD


In a scale of 1: 100 gives 55l universal fluid for cleaning, washing, and degreasing. For easy and effective cleaning of glass, wood and ceramic surfaces in the household (windows, wooden furniture, dishes, toilets, floors), car washing, carpets and clothes, jewelry cleaning, degreasing of various surfaces and removing stains. Enriched with 100% herbal extracts of basil and rosemary. Pleasant and mild odor.

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Extremely economical product; replaces about 50 liters of different household liquids. Contains basil and rosemary extracts. Very mildly and pleasantly fragrant, without airways-irritating substances.


In different ratios, used for easy and efficient cleaning of all surfaces in the household.


For cleaning and maintenance of glass, wood and ceramic surfaces (eg. windows, wooden furniture, dishes, floors) use in 1:100 ratio (1 cap per 1 liter of water). For car-wash, cleaning and maintaining carpets, upholstery and hand washing use in 1:50 ratio (2 caps per 1 liter of water). For sanitary and descaling, use in 1:25 ratio (4 caps per 1 liter of water). For cleaning jewelry, use in 1:10 ratio (10 caps per 1 l water). For removing grease or stains, use undiluted concentrate.

User observations

  • Universal concentrate may be used for pet baths, it does not disturb the natural odor and pH value of their skin. Use 1 cap of concentrate per 0,5 l water to spray flowers against aphids.
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