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Personal hygiene collection

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  • Hands and body liquid soap

    Resplanta MAC BIO-BASE. Contains extracts of basil, yarrow and calendula. Nurtures and disinfects the skin. It replaces 10 ordinary hard soap. If we work with some stronger impurities, to dry hands rub soap that will prevent the dirt drawn into the tiny pores of the skin, so that the remaining impurities easily washed off..

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    511,00 дин. 360,00 дин.
  • Liquid soap with antibacterial agens

    Resplanta MAC BIO BASE. It contains extract of basil and has an very antiseptic effect. It is used for intimate hygiene, makeup remover, washing wounds. It is recommended for washing children's hands. Clean the face of juvenescent pimples. Combining the soaps and creams family, receive medicines balmy effects. It helps in alleviating allergic reactions, skin, fungal and infectious diseases, hemorrhoids and all skin changes. If you wash the feet regularly with soap significantly reduces the occurrence of odor, much stronger effect if it rubbed on dry feet.

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    774,00 дин. 545,00 дин.