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Concentrate for Colored Laundry

545,00 RSD


Used for manual and machine laundry up to 60 ° C. Suitable for delicate fabrics, refreshes and protects the colors. In a liquid state, does not leave dust marks. Enriched with 100% birch extract. Pleasant and mild odor.

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Has a pleasant scent, contains birch extract which acts as a fabric softener and color protection.


Used for hand and machine washing of colored laundry on temperatures up to 60 °C. Suitable for delicate and colored fabrics. Refreshes fabrics and leaves no powdery traces.


For machine washing use 40-80 ml, 1-2 measures marked on the bottle, depending on how dirty the laundry is and on the hardness of water. Dosage for hand washing: 40 ml of the concentrate to 15-20 liters of water.

User observations

  • Fabrics that lost color intensity through the use of powder detergents will regain the freshness and intensity of color, thanks to Green concentrate for colored laundry.
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