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About Green Products

Dear friends,

In order to respond to your given trust in the best possible manner, we have carefully listened to your demands and needs. That is why we opted for products that the modern way of life puts into the group needed, and whose efficiency is noticeable after a short period of use.

We wanted to give you exactly what you deserve – the best of nature, products based on plants!

In order to remain true to the exceptional quality, we put the latest scientific findings into service of our ideas and engage the most prominent experts in the field of modern technology and Phyto pharmacy. Our recognizability is ecological, economical, efficient products and the only ones in the region that have certificates recognized in the EU countries, which makes us very proud. Recognizable Green packaging, proven quality — see for yourself!

Nature has a solution for all diseas—but we neglect it

Green products are designed to help individuals avoid the intake of harmful chemical compounds that are found in products for personal and domestic hygiene. Plants and their synergistic effect were known since ancient times, where nature was the only remedy. By changing habits, you can provide yourselves and your families with a possibility to lead a healthier, more beautiful and carefree life. Exchanging chemicals for household and personal hygiene – for plant-based products.

Green Business Solutions products

Since 2011, the company is working to educate people about the need to change our habits and ways of preserving health. For this reason, we are constantly improving and developing healthy new technologies that are incorporated into “Green” products. Our development center and in-house production facility are located in Novi Sad.

A wide variety of Green plant-based products for personal and household hygiene, contribute to reduction and prevention of allergies, skin problems, respiratory organs and the like.

The products are based on extracts of herbs from the mountains of Serbia, which are valid as completely environmentally protected wilderness areas.

The products are biodegradable, which means they do not pollute nature because up to 95% of the products decompose within 3 days into organic matter. The products do not contain alkali phosphates and, therefore, do not cause allergic reactions and do not damage the skin and mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. Mild of odor, they can be used without gloves or the risk of inhalation of harmful and toxic fumes.

Today there are around 10,000 species of medicinal plants in use, that are a real gift of nature. We have the privilege and honor that many of these plants grow in our climate. It is difficult to sort out which are the most important medicinal plants, and it seems that time will only show the most powerful among them. Extracts of basil, calendula, chamomile, lavender, St. John’s wort, calendula, linden, ginger… are well represented in “Green” products. Due to the content of extracts of these plants, the products are not only harmless, but they also have a curative effect, which makes them special.

Because they do not contain aggressive chemical substances, when used they should be left to act for a short time. All products used to maintain domestic hygiene, offices, sports facilities are concentrated and used diluted and in small quantities. They do not contain chemical salts, therefore they do not dry the skin, nor have adverse effects on the respiratory system. We are especially proud of our latest program of personal hygiene that is based on 100% BIO BASIS BIO-BASE. The quality of products is confirmed by the health certificate, certificates, safety data and safety data sheets, as for all raw materials individually so for the final products.

Take care of yourself and your family’s health, use Green.


The Best of Nature, products based on plants