Green Business Solutions - Green BSN
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Since 2011, the company is working to educate people about the need to change the ways of preserving health. Therefore, constantly finds new and improved sound technologies in getting products for their consumers. All this takes place in its development and production center in Novi Sad.

A wide variety of Green products based on plants for personal and domestic hygiene, contributes to the reduction and prevention of allergies, skin problems, respiratory organs ...


The products are based on extracts of herbs from our mountains, which are valid for completely environmentally protected areas.


The products are biodegradable, which means it does not pollute nature, since up to 95% of the product breaks down within 3 days to organic matter.

Allergens free

The products do not contain alkali phosphates and therefore do not cause allergic reactions and do not damage the skin and mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.

Pleasant odor

Products have mild odor, can be used without gloves or the risk of inhalation of any toxic vapors.

Stories of Beauties

10,000 species of medicinal plants, about as much in use today, are a gift of nature. We have the privilege and honor that many of these plants grow in our climate. It is always difficult to single out what are the most important medicinal plants, or simply the impression that the time is yet to show the most powerful among them. Extracts of basil, calendula, chamomile, lavender, lime, ginger – very reputed medicinal and plants – are well represented in our products.

Due to the content of extracts of these plants, the products are not only harmless, but they also have a curative effect makes them special. Because they do not contain aggressive chemical substances as they should be when using the short time left to act. All funds are used to maintain domestic hygiene, offices, sports facilities are concentrated, and diluted and used in small quantities.

They do not contain chemical salts, therefore it does not dry the skin, nor have adverse effects on the respiratory system. We are especially proud of our newest program, personal hygiene, hair shampoos and liquid soaps which are 100% bio-based. This method of production, so far, is not used by any company in the world.

Health is not everything, but without health - everything is nothing.