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  • Osteodens herbal mixture

    Osteodens herbal mixture for protection the bone system at menopause is rich in phyto-estrogen, natural plant estrogen substitutes whose effectiveness is based on the re-establishment of the disturbed hormonal balance in the body. Improves the general condition of the skeletal system during menopause and preventive effects on diseases that occur as a result of decreased bone density due to hormonal imbalances.

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    2.070,00 дин. 1.458,00 дин.
  • Antivalung herbal mixture

    ANTIVALUNG herbal mixture therapy for menopause has a beneficial effect in alleviating a number of unpleasant bodily disturbances such as hot flushes (hot flashes), headaches, excessive sweating (especially at night), irritability, frequent mood swings, insomnia and so on. Rich in phyto-estrogen, estrogen herbal substitutes with a wide range of effects: affect the establishment of hormonal balance, act as antioxidants, reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, help maintain body weight, contributing to the improvement of the general psycho-physical condition.

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  • Tonus herbal mixture

    Tonus herbal mixture relieves the discomfort of varicose veins by toning the vein walls, strengthening and revitalizing their structure and helps to prevent problems in a natural way in a very short time (with proper use, a noticeable decline in complaints can be expected after 10 days of treatment).

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  • Tonus herbal cream

    Tonus herbal cream is an optimal combination of natural ingredients formulated to relieve the discomfort of varicose veins: pain, swelling, cramping, discomfort and heaviness in the legs. Improves blood circulation; strengthens the walls of blood vessels and nourishes the skin. Recommended preventively (too little movement, long standing or sitting, inadequate nutrition…).

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  • Bezbol herbal cream

    Bezbol herbal cream is intended for the improvement of the general condition of a musculoskeletal system. Its carefully designed formula is aimed at reducing pain in the joints, bones and muscles. Eliminates the feeling of stiffness, reduces inflammation, increases mobility.

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  • Fitohem B

    Fitohem B herbal cream is intended to correct problems caused by hemorrhoids in the chronic stage. Relieves pain, acts anti-inflammatory, prevents bleeding, relieves itching and burning sensation. It is extremely effective both with external as well as with internal hemorrhoids.

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    1.518,00 дин. 1.069,00 дин.
  • Fitohem K

    Fitohem K herbal cream is specially designed for removing discomforts caused by very inflamed and bleeding hemorrhoids. Effectively affects the reduction of the inflammatory processes, stops bleeding, soothes and relieves pain, itching, and burning sensation.  It is extremely effective both with external as well as with internal hemorrhoids.

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    1.518,00 дин. 1.069,00 дин.
  • Trankvil herbal mixture

    Trankvil herbal mixture aims at alleviating anxiety and insomnia. It is a combination of plants, which was created as a blend of centuries of experience and the latest scientific knowledge. Nervousness, insomnia and general neurasthenia (a term that encompasses all forms of neurotic manifestations) are an increasingly common phenomenon in a civilization exposed to many daily challenges and stresses.

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