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Into the Business

Why Green Business Solutions?

Because Green products for home and personal care are herbal and bio-based.

Because we use herbal extracts from our mountains.

Because the products are biodegradable, do not inflict any damage to the body.

Because each recipe is carefully prepared in our own laboratory and production in our own plant in Novi Sad.

Because we offer 100% healthier products for household and personal hygiene.

Because we have designed and produce our own authentic packaging.

Because that way we eliminate all unnecessary expenses, and the difference goes to the consumer.

Because we opted for a referral system, since we know that the impact of our products can be felt immediately.

Because everyone’s personal experience transferred to another is essentially marketing and Green rewards it through the marketing plan, rather than to pay TV, radio, newspapers …

Because for us, the man and his health are the greatest wealth.

Marketing plan


permanent discount 30%

Registered consumer

By selecting and purchasing products worth 15 points, each individual can become a registered consumer, entitling the consumer membership card that allows him permanent discounts of up to 30% on all products “GBS”. Registered customer receives their membership ID (Green ID) and is connected directly to the advisor who animated them. A registered consumer does not earn points by purchase, but any purchase he makes is credited as personal points (PP) to his adviser. A registered consumer is not required to actively participate in the building of the network, but they can, through referral, convey their experience to the environment. Through referrals, a registered consumer allows others to visit info-nights, where they would receive further information about the products, but also about possibilities of saving and profit. Each of your registered consumers can become an active associate by a one-time purchase of products worth 30 points.


group points - bonus scale

Active associate (GP)

For someone to gain the status of active contributors, it is necessary to purchase products worth 30 points GBS applies, by their own choice. The collaborative agreement is signed and a code of business culture. With this act, the consumer acquires the status of an active associate with the right of including the new registered customers, new active associates, as well as the right to promotion and payment of salaries from personal and group performance every month. An active associate has the right to include into the system Green, as newly registered consumers and new active associates, who have a personal desire opt for active status. All traffic which is achieved by registered consumers and active associates in the network during the month is recognized as group points for associates. Group points are the sum of your personal points and personal points of all active associates in your network (all yellow cards). Earnings depend on the volume of group points (GB).

Marketing plan — bonus scale

Position I 4% 200 points
Position II 8% 600 points
Position III 12% 1.200 points
Position IV 16% 2.400 points
Position V 20% 4.000 points
Position VI 24% 7.000 points
Position VII 28% 11.000 points
Position VIII 32% 15.000 points

Car for giftAn associate who achieves VIII position of 32%, and maintains the same status in the next 3 months, receives a car from Green Business Solutions as a gift, worth up to € 15,000 of their own choosing.

From this position starts a career plan with which you will be introduced to one of our seminars, or via your advisory line. For any questions, please contact us.

Phone: 021 / 231-9009. Every weekday from 8am to 6pm and Saturdays from 9am to 3pm. You can write to us by mail:

A lot of success in your work wishes you GREEN TEAM.