February Special - Green BSN
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February Special

01.02.2021 - 28.02.2021

Surprises Never End

Peeling Shower Gel

50 pts
In February, at 50 pts, Win the Green Peeling Shower Gel

Contains fine natural peeling particles of ground almond kernels that gently remove the extinct layer of skin cells. This way, the skin is ready to absorb other active ingredients from milk, cream or serum that are applied after exfoliation of the skin of the body and face.

Hyaluron Booster

100 pts
At 100 pts, win the new product: Hyaluron Booster serum

Due to the combined effect of the active substances, it provides the skin with dampness and décolleté, which provides moisture, restores radiance and makes it gentle and smooth. Contains antioxidants and UV filters that protect the skin from negative external influences.

* the product is not selling, is only available as a gift item this month for 100 personal points.

  1. The promotion is valid until the end of February.
  2. For gift products, points are not recorded.
  3. Gift items can be picked upon the completion of the campaign and up to two months afterwards.