August Special - Green BSN
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August Special

01.08.2022 - 31.08.2022


Indulge in utter enjoyment with GREEN RELAX products

nourish the skin
relax tense muscles
relief from stress
better sleep

No pararaben and artificial colors

Body Oil

200 ml

50 pts
this month at 50 pts

Lavender essential oil and
vegetable oils of avocado and jojoba

Effervescent Scented Bath

450 g

100 pts
this month at 100 pts

Lavender essential oil and
macadamia and rosehip vegetable oils

  1. The promotion is valid until the end of August
  2. For gift products, points are not recorded.
  3. Gift items can be picked up on the completion of the campaign and up to two months afterward.