Galant Cream - Green BSN
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Galant Cream

425,00 RSD


Designed for treating objects from natural and artificial smooth leather. Thanks to the beeswax and paraffin, provides a high gloss, softens and protects leather goods (jackets, bags, shoes, furniture). The protective film forming does not allow the penetration of moisture, cracking and salt corrosion of footwear in winter. Colorless and of a pleasant odor.

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Colorless cream with a very pleasant fragrance nourishes and protects all smooth leather articles, both natural and artificial (jackets, handbags, shoes, furniture, etc.). The cream is concentrated, replaces 40 standard boxes of leather goods cream.


Contains paraffin which gives skin an exceptional glow; softens it and impregnates it. Creates a protective film on the treated articles, thus not allowing penetration of moisture, cracking of leather or salt corrosion of footwear in winter.


With a cotton cloth apply a thin layer of cream on the desired surface, let it work and wipe with a dry cloth. One treatment a week is enough to protect shoes from moisture.

User observations

  • In the spring, apply the cream on winter jackets and put them away. In the fall, when you want to use them again, just wipe them up and they are already polished and clean.
  • The cloth used to apply the cream can be left in the footwear overnight – it will neutralize odors.
  • Occasionally lubricate the heels and elbows with the cream – it will prevent thickenings and the skin will be soft and elastic.
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