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Calendula officinalis

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    herbal blend

    OSTEODENS herbal blend for protection the bone system at menopause is rich in phytoestrogens, natural plant estrogen substitutes whose effectiveness is based on the re-establishment of the disturbed hormonal balance in the body. Improves the general condition of the skeletal system during menopause and preventive effects on diseases that occur as a result of decreased bone density due to hormonal imbalances.

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    herbal blend

    ANTIVALUNG herbal mixture therapy for menopause has a beneficial effect in alleviating a number of unpleasant bodily disturbances such as hot flushes (hot flashes), headaches, excessive sweating (especially at night), irritability, frequent mood swings, insomnia and so on. Rich in phyto-estrogen, estrogen herbal substitutes with a wide range of effects: affect the establishment of hormonal balance, act as antioxidants, reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, help maintain body weight, contributing to the improvement of the general psycho-physical condition.

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    herbal blend

    TONUS herbal blend relieves the discomfort of varicose veins by toning the vein walls, strengthening and revitalizing their structure and helps to prevent problems in a natural way in a very short time (with proper use, a noticeable decline in complaints can be expected after 10 days of treatment).

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