Green Major Seminar in October 2017 - Green BSN
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Green Major Seminar in October 2017

Green major seminars are events where we get knowledge, extra energy, motivation, strengthen the will, where we set life and business goals, celebrate successes, share the joy, gain new acquaintances… The seminars are designed for all associates who want to become and remain part of the winning Green Team, all who want to turn their dreams and goals into reality!

The next Green major seminar will be held on October 14th and 15th 2017, at Zlatibor at the Palisad Hotel

From the first day to the present, Palisad Hotel is in constant touch with the natural environment. And with people. It was during the construction and the ceremonial opening of the distant 1965, as well as all the previous years, that is, for half a century, to the joy and the most demanding guests. And after the most recent, carefully designed reconstruction, it is successfully integrated into the surrounding environment.

“Our life is like a journey. Everything changes when we go and nothing is the same again. And, as far as the goal is concerned, we are, and the pictures, and we are different.”

– Artur Schopenhauer

Do not miss the opportunity in October to be with us!