July Special | Green BSN
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July Special

30.06.2020 - 31.07.2020

STOP Dehydrated Skin and Wrinkles

100% natural care for deep skin hydration

No pararaben, alergens, artificial colors and alcohol


125 ml

50 pts
this month at 50 pts

The mask is intended for deep hydration of all skin types. Thanks to caring nutrients, this mask soothes inflammation and allows sensitive skin to strengthen its natural protective layer.

avocado oil
shea butter
Aloe Vera
lavender and lemon essential oil

Face Serum

200 ml

100 pts
this month at 100 pts

It is extremely enriched with active substances, and makes a real elixir of youth for your skin. Contains antioxidants and UV filters that protect the skin from negative external influences.

vitamin A + vitamin E
wheat seed oil
evening primrose oil
grapeseed oil

  1. The promotion is valid until the end of July
  2. For gift products, points are not recorded.
  3. Gift items can be picked upon the completion of the campaign and up to two months afterwards.