April Special - Green BSN
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April Special

01.04.2021 - 30.04.2021

Concentrate for Colored Laundry

550 ml

50 pts
this month at 50 pts

Used for manual and machine washing up to 60 ° C. Suitable for delicate fabrics. Refreshes and protects colors. It is liquid and leaves no powdery residue. Enriched with 100% birch herbal extract. It has a pleasant and mild scent.

Mini Greeny Lotion

for babies and children

100 pts
this month at 100 pts

For delicate moments after a bath …

  • a very mild formula for natural after-bath care;
  • herbal extracts soothe, regenerate and protect sensitive skin from inflammation and irritation;
  • natural moisturizing agents intensively nourish and moisturize the skin of babies and children, making it soft and silky;
  • with a pH of 5.5 this lotion maintains a mild acidity of the skin and protects it from infections by strengthening its resistance;
  • absorbs quickly into the skin and does not grease it.

* the product is not available in sale, is only as a gift item this month for 100 personal points.

  1. The promotion is valid until the end of April.
  2. For gift products, points are not recorded.
  3. Gift items can be picked upon the completion of the campaign and up to two months afterwards.