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Primarijus Dr. Zoran Nikolić

Dear friends,

good ideas are recognized only by those who are like them—the best!

We are extremely honored to have the potential Green carries recognized among the first by one of our most eminent experts in the field of phytotherapy.

Chief Physician Dr. Zoran Nikolić began to collect his experience in this field of medicine during his studies at the Medical Faculty of Belgrade University. Pursuing a general medical practice for a while he was, as he says, convinced of the disadvantages of conservative, orthodox medicine and began a serious study of herbal medicine and acupuncture at studies of traditional medicine at the European Centre for Peace and Development of the United Nations, which he completed in 1992. Followed numerous seminars and educational programs in which Dr. Nikolić participated as a lecturer as well as an organizer, which in 1996 led him to head the Department of Complementary Medicine, the only institution of its type in the country. The title of Primarius acquired on the basis of papers in the field of acupuncture, herbal medicine, and therapy with biostimulative low power lasers. As a member of the National Commission of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia (2008) he has made a great contribution to the decision to legalize complementary therapeutic disciplines (acupuncture, phytotherapy, chiropractic, homeopathy …) as equal treatment in the health system in Serbia. He is the only reference person is in this region who can form the official school of phytotherapy. He has won prestigious awards, both at home and abroad. He is the author of books “Phytotherapy – part of traditional medicine” and “Phytotherapy and traditional medical principles.”

He is also the author of our collection Green SANA + of which he says:

Green SANA + program is derived from the basic need of modern man to use natural products, free of pronounced chemistry. These products always have a harmony defined and differentiated by nature itself. Green SANA + program is not only the use of innocuous products, but also, the eternal human need to reach your inner, and outer harmony in sync with nature. Products are descended from a long, centuries of experience and national traditions, but also as a result of acquired latest knowledge offered by modern literature on treatment with medicinal herbs. Green SANA + is a counterpoint to the announcement by WHO (World Health Organization) from the 90-es of the 20th century: ``Nearly 50% of modern diseases is a consequence of the uncontrolled use of drugs``.
If you care about your own health, not only as a doctor but also as a friend, I recommend you collection Green SANA +.


Just like the most famous physician of all time, our team of experts, led by chief physician Zoran Nikolić, prefers thorough solutions.

We found them in nature, recruiting a whole army of fighters for health: thyme and lemon balm, horsetail and Rusovac, elder and woundwort, chamomile and nettle, sweet clover and St. John’s wort, calendula and mint, yarrow and red geranium, ivy and rosemary, white birch and white willow, chicory, ivy, sage, comfrey, horse chestnut… and many others.

Collection Green SANA + is based on the joint effect of compatible medicinal herbs aimed at preventing problems that arise as a consequence of the modern lifestyle, which usually can not be avoided. What gives these products preference to others is efficiency and thoroughness in solving problems.

The range includes 4 herbal creams and 4 herbal mixtures. All products are manufactured in accordance with HACCP standards, tested and certified by the competent institutions.

Green SANA + herbal creams are remarkable for their rapid effectiveness, ease of application, a light structure and mild fragrances.

Green SANA + herbal mixtures contain mutually compatible medicinal plants whose combined effect leads to desired results in an extremely short period, with additional enjoyment in pleasant taste.

With great pleasure and pride, we present the collection Green SANA +.